Getting Started

1.1 What’s Rebatest?

Established in 2018, Rebatest is a cashback product trial and rebate website that gives product testers 100% cashback on selected products to provide honest feedback or review. Early in March 2021, it has attracted 22,000+ participants testing over 450,000+ products, with over 10 million dollars refunds processed. Each day, there are almost 5000+ trial products within the $5-$199 price range available, covering the hot categories from Home & Garden, Beauty & Health, Electronics, Babies & Kids, etc.

1.2 Is Rebatest Legit and Worth It?

Rebatest, as a product testing platform, is a legit business model unquestionably. Product testing is a method for companies to get honest user feedback on a product or service. To do this, companies will pay testers some money or just let them keep the item. Rebatest belongs to the latter.

It’s free to join, and you’ll get chances to buy selected everyday items and get up to 100% cashback. Though there is a fee taken out of your PayPal payment, it is still a big deal. The more items you get, the more money you’ve saved.

1.3 How to apply for a product?

It’s easy as 1,2,3. The whole process contains the steps as follows:

For preparation: sign up for an account 

  1. Pick your favorite product, verify and apply for it.
  2. Pay total price on AMZ, then go back to submit order No. (within 4hrs)
  3. Submit a trial report after the seller has approved the order number.
  4. As long as the trial report is approved, the rebate turns to be payable.

It takes at most 48 hours to get the money back to your PayPal account after click “Request a payment”.

Tip: As a new user, you should leave at least a live AMZ review, then you can get the rebate. Click to look at the Video Tutorial.

1.4 How long can I get the rebate?

Let’s have a quick look at how long you will get the rebate:

The whole process may take up about one or two weeks to complete.