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Version number: V1.1.1

Revision time: 2019-9-29

Introduction: Rebatest is a product trial website where you can get up to 100% rebates when shopping on Amazon! We help Brand Companies to do product testing and in return tester will receive the product for free.

Rebatest's fundamental aim is to help people find good stuff and test the potential development of new products , while offering fair and comprehensive trial report for customers. We are the cashback site that gives up to 100% moneyback rebates and we don't charge our members any fees either. Once again, we don't charge fees , you can't beat that!

Note: If you have any questions when shopping on Rebatest, please contact Rebatest's customer service to handle it. It is strictly forbidden to contact the Amazon seller in private, otherwise, Rebatest will block your account permanently.

1. Must to know before gettting started

(1). How to register on Rebatest? (Keyword: Registration

① Open and click "Sign Up"

② Fill in the relevant information according to the instructions

(Note: Please make sure all your registration details are accurate. This is important for you. Make sure you can receive all the necessary information from Rebatest).

③ Verify your email address by clicking the button below in your email inbox and get access to thousands of deals everyday!

(2). How to apply the product after registration? (Keyword: Application)

① Open, fill in your email and password, and click "Sign In"

② Browse the products listed by category in your Rebatest dashboard, find the product that you want for free and click the image and enter the product landing page.

③ Once you have found an item you like, you can apply to purchase the item. Click "Apply Now" and then you will get approved by seller within 3s.

P.S.Products on Rebatest are divided into VIP zone and homepage, new users can only apply for products on the homepage. When you successfully complete an order trial and leave a review on Amazon, you will become a VIP Member. Then you can apply for VIP products and enjoy exclusive benefits. FAQ 9 below.

④ Purchase Items on Amazon

After your application is approved by the seller, you need to place the order on Amazon and submit the correct order No. within 4 hours. (See sample below)

Or you can enter "My Application" on the right corner and get the product amazon link to complete the process.

P.S. It usually takes less than 4 days to process the order No, please wait patiently. When your order number is confirmed by sellers, you just need to wait for the arrival of the product.

⑤ If you are a new user, the first time when you cick " Submit Order No.", the system will reminds you to fill in your Amazon profile first. Check how to find my amazon profile link by finding FAQ 6 below.

After that the Order No. window will pop up and you need to paste your order No. here.

⑥ Once you received the item from Amazon, you will need to give a short trial report of the product. Enter "My Application " and find " Write a Report ". This trial report will take you again around 5 minutes to do. Check How To Write Your Trial Report? by finding FAQ16 below.

⑦ Once you complete your trial report, the rebate funds will be available in your account to cash out. You can cash out via PayPal.

P.S. You will need to verfify your Paypal account before request a payment.

⑧ Leave an Amazon Review to Withdraw Money

In order to verify if you are a real user, we need you to leave a review on Amazon. Once we verify your review, you can withdraw the money to your PayPal account. There will be a 4.4% PayPal Fee taken out of your payment, but as a new user you will gain $5 bonus. If you return the item, we reserve the right to revoke the rebate.

Please note that in order to apply for more FREE products on Rebatest, you need to keep your purchase rate above 70% and Amazon review rate above 50%.

(3). How does it work? (Keyword: Process)

  • Sign up for Rebatest (and confirm your email address).
  • Browse the products listed by category in your Rebatest dashboard.
  • Find the product that you want for free.
  • Click "Apply Now" button - in a few seconds, the seller will approve your request.
  • When approved, click the "Buy Now" button - you'll be directed to Amazon page.
  • Buy it as you normally buy a product on Amazon. Pay the full price. You will receive the product as you normally do.
  • Go back to your Rebatest account and leave your 'trial report'.
  • You'll receive your money back from Rebatest.


(1). What Do You Need To Get Rebates?

You need to be a US resident or UK resident and have your local Amazon account ready. You also have to have an account with PayPal because it's the only way to receive your cashback.

(2). What Kind Of Products Can You Get For Free?

The products are listed by category - Health & Beauty | Babies & Kids | Electronics | Clothing & Jewelry | Sports & Outdoor | Home & Garden | Travel & Vacation | Office. Various items priced around $5 - $200.

(3). Does It Really Give You Cashback?

Yes, you will not pay on Rabetest but on Amazon! That means you can return anytime for no reason and you won't lose a single penny! Also, you could return the product and get a refund from Amazon if you are not satisfied with the product.

(4). How Does Rebatest Pay Out?

Once the steps above are complete, you will be sent the cash back to your balance account. From here you can withdraw it to your PayPal account; first, you will need to verify your PayPal address though. It is worth noting that there is a transaction fee of 4.4% so you won't receive the full amount of the cashback you earn, but as a new register you will gain $5 bonus.

(5). How To Earn More At Rebatest?

Refer A Friend!!!

Rebatest does have a referral program that actually pays out very well. You'll earn $5 for every friend that you refer that completes one purchase. There's no limit to how many friends you can refer and your friend earns a $5 sign-up bonus for using your link!

(6). How to find my Amazon public profile page?

Your Amazon Profile Page is where you as a user can share information about yourself, your personal tastes, and opinions regarding various products and services. This page is open to the public. By default it will not disclose any personal account information other than your user name. Follow the instructions below to find the link to your Amazon Profile Page.

PC users:

① Log in to your Amazon account.

② From the drop down menu of Your Account, click on Your Account.

③ In Your Account page, find “Your Amazon Profile”, then click on it to enter your Profile.

④. Once in your Profile page, find the “See what others see”, and click it to enter your public profile page, then copy the link (url) from your internet browser to share your Amazon Profile page.

P.S. Same operation when you're using mobile phones.

(7). How many trial products can I apply on Rebatest?

It depends on your total points amount, your purchase rate andreview rate. Once you registered you will be able to earn reward points, which are then redeemable for chances to apply for discount or even free products.

Normally each time you apply for a trial product, it will follow the current exchange rates: 10 reward points = 1 USD. For a higher price product you need more reward points. More points more products you can apply, check more details here.

Also, you need to keep your purchase rate above 70% and Amazon review rate above 50%. Otherwise, you won't be able to apply more trials even you have enough points.

(8). How to become a Rebatest VIP member?

You'll only need to complete one product trial on Rebatest and successfully leave a verified review on Amazon.

(9). What are exclusive benefits of Rebatest VIP member?

  • Eligible to apply for over $30 high value premium products.
  • Eligible to apply for newly released popular products
  • Earn extra 200 points bonus to shop VIP NEW products.

(10). I haven't received my cashback in my Paypal account?

If you have successfully requested a payment in your Rebatest cash back balance panel, please contact us via

(11). What should I do if my order No. refused by the seller?

If your order No. was refused by the seller, it may have below situations:

① Incorrect Order No.
Go back to Amazon and check your order and copy the correct one

② Unpaid Order
Make sure you paid successfully on Amazon and if you haven't complete the purchase, you should place the order before submitting on Rebatest.

If your order No. was refused by the seller again, please contact us via with the correct order No. and the screenshot of the order status.

(12). What should I do if my trial report refused by the seller?

If your trial report was refused by the seller, it may have below situations:

① Content which is irrelevant to the tested item.
Submit the relevant product trial report and write carefully.

② Less than 20 words
Tell your true and comprehensive opionions with details.

③ Content encouraging hate or violence
You should only tell your ideas about the tested product without other unproper words.

If you submitted none above content and refused by the seller, please contact us via

(13). How to earn my points?

Rewards can currently be earned for the following actions:

  • Registering on the site — the first time when you register on this site you will be able to earn 1000 reward points.
  • Subscribing to a newsletter — earn 300 points when you subscribe Rebatest newsletter for the first time.
  • Update username for the first time to earn 500 reward points.
  • Add your phone number for the first time to earn 500 reward points.
  • Add Amazon profile link for the first time to earn 500 reward points. (only 3 times modification)
  • Daily sign in on the web — everyday when you login this website for the first time you will get 10 reward points.
  • Share on social media — earn 10 reward points for sharing a product on social media platform.
  • Refer a friend to register — earn 10 points for every invitation you send out which leads to friend registration.
  • Converting invitations to order — earn 500 points for every invitation you send out which leads to an order.
  • Leaving a fair review on amazon - earn 200 points for every review you left on Amazon.

(14). Why there are so many free products on Rebatest?

You don't get the product for free but earn it with your honest trial report on it. Obviously Rebatest is not a charity organization, and the free products on our website are offered by Brand Companies.

(15). Is Rebatest A Scam?

Rebatest is not a scam, there is a fee taken out of your PayPal payment but you're getting products for very very cheap. We have to say that most users choose continue to use Rebatest because they are extremely easy to use, it's just the process takes a few days to get through.

If you're interested in receiving free products, you can join for completely free at

(16). How To Write Your Trial Report?

The product trial report form will be ready for you to fill in, and click to send. The required fields of the form are:

  • Star rating
  • Title
  • Pros & cons
  • Suggestions (e.g. it would have been better with a side pocket)
  • Target audience (e.g. suitable for any children under 10, perfect as a gift for men)
  • Conclusion
  • Upload some live photes (This is a must)

It's a lot easier to be guided this way than writing a trial report in one big box. And if you're still not used to writing a trial report, you can check the same or similar product on Amazon and see if you can get inspired by what other testers say.

(17). Is It Worth Trying Rebatest?

As far as a product testing experience is concerned, getting something for free for the sake of writing a review is not a bad thing. You get something that you would have never paid the full price for, means you'll gain knowledge of what better products are out there. It will also help you develop your attention to detail, hence you'll have more chances to influence others on social media, or as a blogger if you haven't already.

(18). How The Rebatest Could Give Up To 100%?

Some may ask: “How can Rebatest reimburse up to 100% in so many online stores?”

The Amazon stores you see on Rebatest offer a limited number of new free products every month for us, and we found interested people who can test the potential development according to the test report obtained from the evaluators.

Therefore, our goal is to help Brand Companies to test and find the future development of new products and, ultimately, save money. In this way, we can offer customers 100% cashback rebates, and this singular act is indeed what makes Rebatest the best cashback site in 2019.

While you recover a percentage of that money (Cashback), you will start enjoying the free purchase without having a headache. The cashback method is excellent while you buy online, and the referral bonus even up to $1,000.

(19). Who is Rebatest For?

Rebatest is really for those who want to receive trial products for free. Rebatest will need to verify your trial report to make sure it is meaningful and useful to the company. Otherwise everyone will spam Rebatest in hope of getting free products.

(20). What Do Others like about Rebatest Most?

① Good Reputation
Despite the short amount of time our website had been launched, there are always some good reviews online. People are quite happy with it.

② Multi-channels to contact
We have provided many channels for users to contact us including Facebook messenger, service email, support box and group contact.

③ Legit Business Model
Product testing is no question a legitimate business model. Some companies like to pay tester money but Rebatest chooses to compensate the testers with products. And we believe we can help people save more in the long future.

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